As part of our Education and Outreach Programme we offer talented young musicians in Hertfordshire the opportunity to perform in the Festival through the Young Musicians’  Platform.  In 2019 this featured 36 live performers in 12 different chamber ensembles.

Due to the current restrictions on rehearsals and live concerts, we are currently inviting Hertfordshire’s young musicians, through their schools and/or Hertfordshire Music Service, to film and submit their own performance of a piece of chamber music. The very best of these will feature on our website during 2021.

We are delighted to be featuring five talented young musicians from Watford Girls Grammar School, Hertfordshire as the very first performers on our Young Musicians Platform in 2021. Here they are with a very musical performance of the first movement of Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet.

If you have students who are part of a chamber ensemble of any sort – strings, wind, brass, vocal – and would be interested in submitting a recorded performance to the Festival please contact us. Each school can submit more than one recording, but there must only be one item on each recording with a time limit of 10 minutes per recording. There is no deadline for submissions as we are hoping to feature a rolling programme for the Young Musicians’ Performance Platform which will be updated once a month.

This is a new and exciting venture for HHCMF and part of our plans for the 10th anniversary of the Festival in 2021, when we hope to invite a limited number of young, Hertfordshire-based chamber ensembles to perform live as curtain-raisers at the Festival concerts. There will also be a chance for a few very talented young performers to play alongside our professionals in one of the Festival concerts as well as a “live” Young Musicians Platform for chamber ensembles during the Festival itself.

So, please encourage your students to get together in variety of chamber ensembles, enjoy making music together, listening to each other and recording their performances. Then send them to us at Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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