Visitors with additional needs

All our venues are accessible by wheelchair. Access to the shops, restaurant and toilets is good. There is a separate adapted toilet next to the Old Palace archway.

We will be offering the use of a golf cart to transport people from the car parks to the venues throughout the Festival.

Access to the Marble Hall is either via 14 early 17th Century steps, which lead up to the main entrance of Hatfield House (worn and uneven) with hand rails at either side or wheelchair access is through the basement door to the right of the main entrance, next to the wall.

Please read Hatfield House’s access information for full details and their access policy.

The lift in Hatfield House

The lift at Hatfield House was installed during Victorian period by the Third Marquess of Salisbury, ever since it has been used to transport guests and latterly visitors to the various floors of the House. The lift is regularly checked and maintained but the years have left it a little sensitive.

For visitors with large or powered chairs which cannot fit in the lift, but who are able to transfer, we have chairs available for use in the house only. These are also available for the elderly and for others with walking difficulties.

Before getting into the lift we would like to make you aware of the following:

  • There is a strict weight limit for those travelling in the lift of 450lb, which is 32 stone or 204 kilograms. The total weight needs to include the disabled person, their wheelchair (if applicable) and the person travelling with them. We regret that the lift cannot take loads over this limit.
  • Entrance to the lift is 66cm wide on the lower floors and 63 cm on the first floor. Therefore we regret that some larger wheelchairs cannot be accommodated.
  • The Lift is 113cm (depth) by 90 cm (width) and over 2 metres high and allows room for 1 wheelchair and a carer/friend.
  • The Lift has a tendency to jolt to a stop, which may cause discomfort to some visitors.
  • Only two wheelchairs are permitted on the first floor at the same time, for fire safety and evacuation reasons. Visitors may be asked to wait on their current floor if there are already two people on the first floor.
  • The lift is called to the relevant floor by a member of staff, they do not travel with you in the lift.